Monday, January 9, 2017

Perceived Value VS. Real Value.

  1. The potato looks very disgusting and people of that time ate very few vegetables. When he realized that people were not going to eat the potatoes, Frederick the Great declared them as the royal vegetable. Ataturk made it mandatory that prostitutes wore a veil. What he realized was that all value is relative and that all value is perceived value.
  2. He says that all value is perceived value. So making the train ride more enjoying will fix the problem because the real value or change is perceived value or change.
  3. Changing reality rather that perception is more expensive and is harder to do in more than one place. Changing perception or what people think about that specific item or situation is easier and costs less. This link has more on the differences between the two

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


  1. I feel that polls/ surveys are not very reliable because the person writing the paper can manipulate the data and make the data fit what they are trying to prove. Also, people might not answer the survey or poll  honestly. When people don’t answer honestly there is no way to know how people actually feel about the topic.
  2. For me, the biggest struggle has been the research. Trying to come up with the questions to ask was the hardest part. The first couple questions were okay but after the first few I would get really confused about what to say in order to get people to answer the way I wanted them to.
  3. Image result for uncle sam ad
This advertisement is using character endorsement. It is also using inclusive language. You can tell it is using character endorsement because uncle sam is in the ad. You can tell it is using inclusive language because it is saying ‘you’. I think it is using branding value because even though your country isn't a brand the ad is trying to get you to stay loyal to your country.

Monday, December 5, 2016

  1. When you back up your argument with data or proof that you are arguing the right side of the situation it helps people better understand what you are trying to argue and which side is the right side. The use of data and proof also helps when you are trying to convince someone that you are right.
This link has more information on how data and proof has an effect on people.

  1. An alternate claim is important because it allows the person to break down the topic without seeming biased. Alternate claims allow the topic to be proved wrong.
  2. Both my teacher and my peers will be my audience. My peers will be peer editing my paper and giving me advice on how to make it better. My teacher will be grading my paper. She also will be giving me advice on my paper.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Marketing in the Real World

1.This ad is an example of badge value. The ad is saying we used to sell them as luxury items but now they are a necessity. By this, they mean that by having this item it will make you better. The item will allow you to have a higher social status.

2. As a customer, the rhetorical claim has the most impact on me. When people ask rhetorical questions it makes me think more about that question. For example, if someone says do you get me? It makes me think, do I really understand what you are trying to say or do I support what you are saying.

3. They are trying to get the customer to see themselves in that position. They want the customer to see themselves and their families spending time together on the very expensive yacht. They want them to think about how much this item would affect their lives.  They want the customer to imagine their lives after they have bought the item and how much easier it would be or how much more fun they would have
This link shows the effects badge value has on customers. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

  1. Romeo and Juliet have a romantic love. They do not really give themselves time to learn more about one another. They are physically attracted to each other. They do not think about how their actions are affecting the people around them. The way that everything happened at the end was very selfish and therefore shows that this was a romantic love. She could not imagine her life without him, but yet she knew very little about him, so she killed herself not thinking of how it will affect her family.

  1. True love is the best love to have. Whether you are happy or not you always want the other person to be happy. No matter what happens you feel if that person is happy you will be happy. You not only think about how things affect him or her but how it affects that person's family and friends. You truly care about this person and love this person not for their looks but their personality.

  1. I think neither of them was very responsible with their emotions. Juliet not only “fell in love” with Romeo, but she refused to marry Paris. Romeo killed himself when he thought Juliet was dead. Also, Juliet killed herself after she realized Romeo was dead. They both disregarded their families.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

1. Romeo and Juliet is also a political story. They consistently ignore the proclamations of the prince of Verona. Romeo is exiled and is promised execution if he ever returns to the city. These problems are not relationship problems but things they are doing against their government or because of their government.

2. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy. Tragedy occurs when a mostly good character or characters of noble extractions make an error and are brought low. The mostly good characters are Romeo and Juliet. The errors they made were first, getting married so quickly, and two, not listening to their families. This then leads to a double suicide.

3. Going to the theater in Shakespeare's time is not how it is now. During Shakespeare's time, they mostly performed in large theaters. These theaters were partly exposed to air and were covered with faux roofs. They were dirty and didn't smell very good, they were not very quiet places. Today you go to the theater it gets quieter when the lights when down. In the olden days there were no lights, people would eat and drink during the show. It was a casual place.
This link gives more on the appearance of the theaters that Shakespeare was performed in.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Sleep, is it more important than you think?

I normally go to sleep at the earliest 9:30 and sometimes leading into the early morning hours. What time I go to bed depends on how much homework I have or how long I have to study. Sometimes the hours of sleep I get has to do with sports but a lot of the time it is because of my working hours. My time to sleep often gets cut short if one of the other kids has something to do, like when my little brother needs homework help until 10:15.

Schools shouldn’t start as early because when you start earlier kids get less sleep. When kids get less sleep they are not focused as much and are dozing off in class. Some kids revert to drinking energy drinks which can cause them to be up the next night even longer than they were the night before because of the energy surging through their bodies. When kids are not paying attention or are tired they don’t obtain everything they learn which causes test scores to go down, which lets face it is very important.

Evidence supports that sleep helps with your memory just as much as our ability to come up with solutions to problems, the level of stress one feels, impulsive behavior, lack of empathy, lack of sense of humor and your mood. Researchers also say that long-time sleep deprivation may lead kids to predispose of things like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Here is a link that explains better how the lack of sleep can cause diabetes.