Monday, February 13, 2017

1. This ted talk is focused on advertisements.

2. During this ted talk, he talks about the secondary market and the retail market. The retail market is when the product is sold directly to the customers. The secondary market is pushed by the sneakerheads.

3. I would collect trucks because I could fix them and sell them for more money than I bought them for.

Monday, February 6, 2017

1. The article I choose last week is a blog. The purpose of the blog is to inform and entertain.

2.  The article uses cause and effect. I know this because they are explaining other people/ organizations reactions to how Donald Trump responded to the problem.

3. The self-driving cars were the most interesting to me. I think they would be a good idea because today everybody is on their phones when they are driving. This small action could possibly cause a big problem or accident. With self-driving cars you don't have to worry about the human factor of it.

Monday, January 30, 2017


1. Non-fiction is when an article is written based on facts and real events or real people. Newspapers are an example of non-fiction writing. Another example of non-fiction writings are textbooks.

2. By switching from short stories to non-fiction I am given the opportunity to learn more about my surroundings. When I read non-fiction I can learn about the world around me. I can learn about my country and other countries around the country I live.  When I read non-fiction I can learn life lessons without actually living through that situation.

In this article, people are talking against Donald Trump about his take on climate control. The purpose of this article is to get the message out that climate control is something that we need. I choose this article because this topic interests me.

Monday, January 23, 2017


1.     Eighty percent of all adults don't exercise every day. Exercising every day can greatly reduce the mental state of depression. When you exercises endorphins are released. Endorphins are a chemical that helps you feel happiness. Everyone should exercise every day because it reduces the mental state of depression, helps you stay in shape, and it helps you form a daily routine.
2. Romeo would be a better husband for Juliet because they wanted to be with each other. Juliet pretended to kill herself just to be with Romeo and to get out of an arranged marriage with Paris. If my parent were to arrange my parents and I didn't like that person I would pretend to kill myself just to be with the person I love.
3. Narratives and memoirs allow people to share what they went through. It allows others to learn from one persons mistakes and from their accomplishments. It allows people to experience things that they were not alive for or were not there for. Narratives and memoirs allow the topic to be seen from another persons point of view.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Perceived Value VS. Real Value.

  1. The potato looks very disgusting and people of that time ate very few vegetables. When he realized that people were not going to eat the potatoes, Frederick the Great declared them as the royal vegetable. Ataturk made it mandatory that prostitutes wore a veil. What he realized was that all value is relative and that all value is perceived value.
  2. He says that all value is perceived value. So making the train ride more enjoying will fix the problem because the real value or change is perceived value or change.
  3. Changing reality rather that perception is more expensive and is harder to do in more than one place. Changing perception or what people think about that specific item or situation is easier and costs less. This link has more on the differences between the two

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


  1. I feel that polls/ surveys are not very reliable because the person writing the paper can manipulate the data and make the data fit what they are trying to prove. Also, people might not answer the survey or poll  honestly. When people don’t answer honestly there is no way to know how people actually feel about the topic.
  2. For me, the biggest struggle has been the research. Trying to come up with the questions to ask was the hardest part. The first couple questions were okay but after the first few I would get really confused about what to say in order to get people to answer the way I wanted them to.
  3. Image result for uncle sam ad
This advertisement is using character endorsement. It is also using inclusive language. You can tell it is using character endorsement because uncle sam is in the ad. You can tell it is using inclusive language because it is saying ‘you’. I think it is using branding value because even though your country isn't a brand the ad is trying to get you to stay loyal to your country.

Monday, December 5, 2016

  1. When you back up your argument with data or proof that you are arguing the right side of the situation it helps people better understand what you are trying to argue and which side is the right side. The use of data and proof also helps when you are trying to convince someone that you are right.
This link has more information on how data and proof has an effect on people.

  1. An alternate claim is important because it allows the person to break down the topic without seeming biased. Alternate claims allow the topic to be proved wrong.
  2. Both my teacher and my peers will be my audience. My peers will be peer editing my paper and giving me advice on how to make it better. My teacher will be grading my paper. She also will be giving me advice on my paper.